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Terms & Conditions

Cash Out

Cash Out Limitations

1. Cashout does not apply to all market types at WSB when cashing out prematch bets post the game going live in play.

2.Cash Out on Horse Racing is not allowed.

3. Cash Out on Lotto and its related specials/extras is not available.

4. Cash Out will only be offered on markets that are not suspended.

5. Cash Out on a prematch game that does not go live in play will not be offered.

6. Multiple Boosts will be removed from a ticket should it be cashed out.

7. Cash Out transactions will not count towards any turnover clause.

8. Cash Out will not be offered on bets taken using freeplay balance.

9. Cash Out will not be offered on place bets.

10. Cash Out will not be offered on long term outrights.

11. Cash Out will only be offered on line markets (handicap, totals etc.) should the line not have changed.

12. Cash Out will always be shown in UK Odds (including stake) – i.e. the cashout amount is a combination of the stake and winnings (The total value that will be cashed out)

13. Cash Out will not be offered on telephonic bets.

14. Cash out bets are excluded from promotional refunds and claims.

Understanding Cash Out

You are able to view your pending bets eligable for cash out under the My Bets section on your Bet Slip:

When cashout is not available due to one of the above reasons, it will show in red with a locked symbol:

When a bet is eligible for cashout, it will show in green.

Cashing out is a two click process, after clicking on the green “cash out” button, it will ask you to confirm:

A successful cashout will show at the top of the “my bets” section as follows:

You can see the status of results per leg denoted by the colour of the white circles (the below shows a situation where Leg 1 and 3 are winning):

Cash Out will cancel your original ticket and will credit you with a new ticket for the Cash Out.

Where to see your Cash Out Bets

Cashed out bets will show on your statement with a reference to the original ticket and will show what leg the bet was cashed out on:

WSB reserves the right to remove all or part of the Cash Out feature for any customer or group of customers where there is reasonable grounds to believe that the customer or group is misusing Cash Out by frequently using the feature to take advantage of pre-event price movement and closing their bets through the Cash Out feature before the event has started.

Standard World Sports Betting Terms & Conditions Apply.

Note: A cash out option is not guaranteed and subject to discretion and restrictions. WSB will not be held liable for any bets that lose without a cash out option being presented to the bettor.