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23:00   LIV Golf Invitational 2022 Portland D1
02:00   MLS - New York Red Bulls vs Atlanta
06:30   Int CRI 2022: SRI vs AUS 1st Test D3
09:00   ETH PL 21/22: St George vs Addis
10:00   Southern Districts Spartans vs. Townsville Flames
10:00   Ringwood Hawks vs. Waverley Falcons
10:30   Hayden, Rhys vs. Walters, Scott
10:30   Sunshine Coast Phoenix vs. Cairns Dolphins
10:45   Heneghan, Conor vs. Leung, Kai Fan
11:05   Proosten, Davy vs. Konterman, Arjan
11:20   Leung, Kai Fan vs. Hayden, Rhys
11:40   Walters, Scott vs. Konterman, Arjan
11:55   Heneghan, Conor vs. Proosten, Davy
12:00   ETH PL 21/22: J Abajifar vs Mekelakeya
12:00   Geelong Supercats vs. Bendigo Braves
12:00   Int CRI 2022: ENG vs IND 5th Test D1
12:00   Wimbledon 2022: 2nd Feed D5
12:00   Kucmova, Aneta vs. Rivkin, Nicole
12:00   Wimbledon 2022: D5 3rd Round
12:00   Ringwood Hawks vs. Waverley Falcons
12:15   Konterman, Arjan vs. Leung, Kai Fan
12:30   Perth Redbacks vs. Rockingham Flames
12:30   Hayden, Rhys vs. Heneghan, Conor
12:30   Red City Roar vs. Northside Wizards
12:50   Proosten, Davy vs. Walters, Scott
13:00   Engstrom, Johan vs. Wilson, James
13:00   Fita Boluda, Angela vs. Hobgarski, Katharina
13:00   South West Slammers vs. Lakeside Lightning
13:05   Hayden, Rhys vs. Konterman, Arjan
13:25   Leung, Kai Fan vs. Proosten, Davy
13:30   Siskova, Anna vs. Bayerlova, Michaela
13:30   Montgomery, Ross vs. Wattimena, Jermaine
13:40   Heneghan, Conor vs. Walters, Scott
14:00   Hughes, Jamie vs. Plaisier, Wesley
14:00   DP World 21/22 Horizon Irish Open D2
14:00   Proosten, Davy vs. Hayden, Rhys
14:00   F1: British GP Practice 1
14:30   Szaganski, Radek vs. Williams, Scott
14:30   Perth Redbacks vs. Rockingham Flames
14:35   Walters, Scott vs. Leung, Kai Fan
15:00   ETH PL 21/22: Diredawa vs Fasil
15:00   Zonneveld, Niels vs. Menzies, Cameron
15:30   Murnan, Joe vs. White, Ian
16:00   Kraus, Sinja vs. Bulgaru, Miriam Bianca
16:00   Tour De France 2022: Stage 1
16:45   F1: British GP Practice 2
17:30   Fomina-Klotz A | Prisacariu A vs. Fita Boluda A | Seibold E
19:00   Lukeman, Martin vs. Michael, John
19:30   Bialecki, Sebastian vs. King, Mervyn
20:00   Rydz, Callan vs. Worsley, Jonathan
20:00   Icons Series 2022 Final Day
20:30   Razma, Madars vs. Horvat, Dragutin
20:45   Bohemians Dublin FC vs. Derry City FC
21:00   Finn Harps FC vs. Shamrock Rovers
21:00   PGA 21/22 John Deere Classic D2
21:00   Wenig, Lukas vs. Lennon, Steve
21:30   Noppert, Danny vs. Rodriguez, Rowby-John
22:00   Hempel, Florian vs. Brooks, Bradley
23:00   LIV Golf Invitational 2022 Portland D2
23:05   Richardson, James vs. Gillet, Mike
23:20   Barstow, Chas vs. Tricole, Thibault
23:40   Gillet, Mike vs. Girvan, Nathan
23:55   Tricole, Thibault vs. Richardson, James

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